Why You Shouldn’t Be Working Out Hardcore Every Single Day

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I’ve heard the phrase “Team No Days Off” before and I have to say, I’m not a fan.

I think it’s healthy, both physically and mentally to take rest days (they can totally be active rest days, mine usually is) on the regular.

Rest Days

Why am I pro-rest day? Well let me tell you. Rest days:

  • Give your body the chance they need to repair/recover from intense training all week
  • Give you a mental break and a chance to do something that you normally don’t

What do I do on my rest days? Rest, duh. But really:

  • Stretch (usually some light yoga)
  • Foam Roll
  • Go on a walk or bike ride
  • Do something outside that’s not necessarily “working out” but still gets me moving…like kayaking
  • RELAX and just decompress

I take one rest day per week. They’re usually active rest days. I’ll go kayaking or walk the dogs or something that gets me moving. It’s always something slow pace that allows me to enjoy the time being outside with my loved ones.

If you’re team #nodaysoff then you do you. But I really think it’s beneficial to be team #activerestday because it recharges you and gets you ready to crush some workouts the next week. I take my rest day on Sundays because it’s just a good way to wrap up my week and launch into a fresh one. By the time Monday comes around I’m ready to take on some killer training sessions.

Being fit and healthy is more than just working out. It’s about taking care of your mind and soul, too!

Are you team #nodaysoff or do you prefer to take a rest day or 2?

xo, Jess

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  • Lindsay says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, I think rest is crucial for you physically and mentally. I used to go to the gym 5-7 days a week but I’m actually lazing up a lot and not afraid to take a rest day or two here and there.


  • Nicole says:

    I totally agree! In high school, I watched my mom push herself past her limit after we went through some pretty rough times and left my step dad. She would work out for hours, every day, and couldn’t lose the weight she wanted to. It was making her miserable from what I saw. Now, as I’m an adult, I know it’s important to rest and now she does the same. I find it’s more important for our mental health to learn the balance. I’m struggling with the balance of clean eating because I was getting too obsessive.

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