Why You Should Get Out of your Comfort Zone

Posted on April 20, 2015 at 12:26 am by

Happy Monday, babes!

You know where things are easy? Inside of your comfort zone.
But do you know where things happen? Outside of your comfort zone.

It’s super convenient to stay in that comfort zone that you’ve so carefully created. You know the ins and outs of everything. You’re comfortable. It’s EASY.

It’s a challenge to get out of your comfort zone. To break down the walls that you’ve barricaded yourself within. You’re throwing yourself into the unknown. You’re intentionally making yourself uncomfortable. It’s HARD.

Comfort Zone

But you know what else? Challenging yourself is where CHANGE happens.

So many people get stuck in a rut, whether it be with their jobs, their fitness journey, or whatever. A lot of the reason behind getting stuck in a rut is fear of change. Being stuck in your ways.

I challenge you to break free of the norm…of your norm.

Do something different. Get OUT of your comfort zone. Take a chance. Do something challenging.

Leaving your comfort zone can even help you overcome a plateau that you might be stuck on. It could be just what you need to push you up over that hill.

Go for it. Do it. JUMP.

xo, Jess

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