Don’t Get Stuck on the Scale

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Are you one of those people who lets yourself get so STUCK on that little number at the top of your scale? Do you weigh yourself every morning hoping for a decrease in that pesky number? Well…I’m here to tell y’all something today. That little number does not define you. Actually, it doesn’t exactly define your health & fitness journey either. Alone, that is.


When my clients get frustrated with themselves because they step on the scale and don’t see their weight go down after all the hard work they’ve been putting in at the studio and into eating healthier I have to remind them of a few things…How are they feeling? Do they feel stronger? Healthier? Have more energy? Are their pants/shirts feeling less snug? Most of the time, the answer is yes to at least one of these questions.

Clients step on the scale with sky-high confidence levels because they know they’ve been working hard and they feel/look better. Then they see that little number and it all comes crashing down. It breaks my heart. I then go over with them their BMI, how much muscles mass their body has (which FYI, usually goes up, causing the number on the scale to go up, since muscle weighs more than fat), their body fat percent, how much body fat they’ve lost, etc. Once they understand that they have actually IMPROVED just because that number didn’t drop 5+ pounds I see the confidence begin to restore. 

Train for more than the scale

It’s so important to pay attention to MORE than just the number on the scale. Some things you should take into consideration when looking at that number:

  • You are training for more than just that number on the scale. You want to feel better. Look better. Be stronger. Keep that in mind. If you see physical improvements and you truly feel better, stick with it! That number isn’t the ruler of your health/fitness journey.
  • There are other numbers that are important, not just your weight. You have to pay attention to your body fat percent, your BMI, your muscle mass, etc.
  • Results come at different times for different people. Everyone’s body is different. Just because someone lost 3 pounds in one week and you only lost 1 doesn’t mean anything. You might have gained more muscle that week!

If you live locally and you’re interested in seeing what your BMI, body fat percent, muscle mass, etc. are, stop in Core5 Studio and set up an assessment. With that, you’ll get 14 days of free access to the facility to try out classes!

Train for more than just that number on the scale. Train to be healthier. To get stronger. To have more energy. To feel better. To look better. NOT just for that number.

So remember, don’t get so hung up on the scale alone. If you are working hard and making healthy eating choices, results will come! They won’t come overnight, but they will come. Don’t give up…keep pushing yourself and working hard. It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it!

Happy Monday!

xo, Jessica

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