The Skinny on Juice Cleanses

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People are always looking for a quick fix.

Loose 10 pounds in a week!

Drop 3 pant sizes in 10 days!

Have flat abs in a month!

Phrases like this litter social media. And the worst part is – people are drawn to them. Obviously we all want to feel and look our best! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

However, how you go about achieving that does matter. There are a ton of ways to reach your health and fitness goals. And you have to find what works best for you.

I get asked how I feel about juice cleanses on the regular. And today…I’m gonna tell you.

The Skinny on Juice Cleanses

No. Just No.

That’s how I feel about them. Do I include juices/smoothies in my diet? Absolutely. But would I ever participate in a cleanse that pushes me to consume nothing more than juice for X amount of days? NOPE.

Why not?

  • Usually juices are made of fruit…lots of fruit. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some fruit. But if that’s all you’re eating day in and day out for awhile, that’s a whole lot of sugar that you’re putting into your body. And that’s a whole lot of other stuff that you’re depriving your body of.
  • Because I like to eat my food rather than drink it.
  • The thought alone of consuming nothing but juice makes me HANGRY.
  • Juice cleanses seem like they wouldn’t give me the energy needed to get though my training.

What do I do to recharge my health/fitness instead of a juice cleanse?

  • Hone in on my diet for about a week or so. I still like to feed my body whole, healthy, clean foods. I make sure to:
    • Drink tons of water
    • Eat lean protein and lots of green veggies
    • Limit my sugar/dairy intake
  • Amp up my workouts
    • I focus a lot of HIIT when I’m wanting to recharge
  • Reassess my goals and what I’m doing to reach them

If you feel like juice cleanses work for you, I’m not bashing you. I’m simply just letting you know why they don’t work for me. I will always prefer to fuel my body with whole, clean, healthy foods (:

Like I said before, I do include smoothies and juices in my diet on a regular basis. But I don’t depend solely on them to be my main source of food. It doesn’t seem healthy or fit for my lifestyle.

What do you think about juice cleanses?

xo, Jess


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