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Happy Mix It Up Monday, y’all! I had a request asking for me to share some of the music that I listen to when I workout. Why didn’t I think to share that?!

Music is SO important to me during a workout. I don’t think I could make it through a workout without the right playlist pumping me up. I like to change up my playlists pretty much everyday when it comes to working out. New songs push me and I’m always excited to hear what song will come on next (it kinda keeps my mind off of the fact that I am probably dying during a workout). I change up genres to keep things interesting, too. Thankfully Spotify makes it easy to create/edit playlists. Here is a workout playlist that has been in my rotation lately:

Workout Playlist

I like to make my playlists short…they go with my HIIT style workouts. Sometimes I try to match the time length of the playlist to the time length of my workout. It just really makes the type-A in me happy (;

Working out with music makes me push harder. Plain & simple. Plus I think it makes working out a heck of a lot more fun! I love hearing new workout song suggestions, so if you have any favorites, share them! What’s on your workout playlist?!

See you tomorrow for Talk It Out Tuesday…I’m going to tackle the whole “abs are made in the kitchen” phrase that we hear so often.

xo, Jessica


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