5 Tips for Staying Motivated

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It’s easier to stay on track when you’ve just started your health & fitness journey and you’re seeing drastic results right away. But then time passes and the results aren’t as drastic as quickly as they were before. This is where your motivation comes in.

5 Tips for Staying Motivated

Clients ask me all the time how I stay so motivated. Today I’m sharing 5 tips that I use to keep myself motivated.

1. Find what motivates you at the beginning.

Don’t wait until you’re in desperate need of motivation to figure out what motivates you. Figure it out at the beginning of your health & fitness journey so that you can use it as fuel when you feel yourself falling off track.

2. Think about how you’ll feel after the workout.

If I really don’t feel like working out, I just imagine how I’ll feel after my workout versus how I’ll feel if I skip the workout. Unless I’m sick, the feeling that I get after I do the workout will always be better than the feeling I get when I skip a workout.

3. Track your progress.

I’ve talked about using selfies as a fitness tool…well I’m not kidding. One big reason why people start to get off track is because they think they’re not getting results anymore. If you take pictures to track your progress, you’ll be able to see the little changes that are taking place with your body.

Before & After

4. Remember why you started.

Did you start working out and eating healthy because you wanted to feel better? Look better? Live a healthier lifestyle? When you’re seeking motivation, cling to the reason(s) why you started in the first place!

5. Switch it up.

Another reason that causes people to fall off track is boredom. Spicing up your fitness routine is essential to keep your motivation in check. Try taking a new fitness class or maybe working out with a friend. Whatever it takes to change things up so that you (and your muscles) don’t get bored of doing the same old routines week after week, do it!

What do you do to help stay motivated? Have a fabulous week…see y’all tomorrow with the July calendar (:
xo, Jess


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