5 Reasons Why You’re Not Reaching Your Goal

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Hey y’all! How was your weekend?! Mine was productive and enjoyable – a good balance (: Did you see the new YouTube video that I posted on my channel this weekend? It’s my leg workout from Friday! I’m buying a new camera so that I can focus on getting some new/improved content up on my YouTube channel – so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss anything!

I also got to see my besties this weekend (which doesn’t happen as often as it should…yay adult life, haha!) so that was much needed:


Today I want to share 5 reasons why you’re not reaching your goals. So many of my clients wonder why they’re not reaching specific goals and once we get to discussing their habits and routines, it becomes evident as to why. Sometimes you might overlook these things but they really can make or break your progress over time.

5 reasons why you're not reaching your goal

1. You’re eating out frequently.

Eating out isn’t terrible – there are some healthy options out there. But if you’re eating out more than 2-3 times per week, be careful! You don’t know what types of oil restaurants use to cook their food in. Or what types of seasonings/dressings they use to prepare their dishes. All of that stuff can add up if you’re eating out all week. Talk about sodium and fat overload.

2. You’re not staying consistent.

Are you one of those people who will train 100% one week and then sit on the couch the entire next week? You can’t let your mood swings dictate your training schedule. You have to consistently put in the work in order to see results. Also, make sure that if you do work with a personal trainer that you’re working out on your own some days, too!

3. You’re skipping meals.

Skipping meals is one of the worst things you can do. Your body needs fuel (food) throughout the day – especially if you’re working out and pushing your body to extreme limits! If you starve your body it will hold onto food as fat when you do eat because it won’t know the next time you’re going to feed it. I like to eat 3 big meals a day with a few snacks sprinkled in.

4. You’re trying to spot reduce.

Unfortunately we cannot pick and choose where we lose weight. Your best bet is to train to lower your overall body fat percentage and focus on strengthening your entire body.

5. You don’t have a goal.

This one seems kind of “yeah, duh” but you would be surprised at how many people train just to train. You’ve got to be working toward something or else you’ll get burnt out and have no passion about training. You can’t reach a goal if you don’t have one!

Take some time to evaluate your goals and make sure that you’re doing something every day that brings you closer to those goals!

xo, Jess


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