The 5 Stages of Wedding Planning and My Advice to New Bride To-Bes

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If you didn’t know, I got engaged in October and my wedding is NINE FREAKING DAYS AWAY. Cue the craziness (oh wait that started about a month ago). My emotions have been all over the place and the only words that can sum me up are: hot mess. I figured today would be a good day to share some of our engagement pictures with y’all and give you the rundown on the 5 stages of wedding planning that I’ve experienced thus far. I’m sure there are bound to be more emotions with 9 days left…

The 5 Stages of Wedding Planning

Stage 1: Pure Bliss

pure bliss

Oh look, you’re finally engaged! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for this moment. Now that it’s happened you can stop obsessing over every outing wondering if your man is going to propose. As a couple, y’all are on cloud 9…so happy and giddy and giggly! Lots of hugs, kisses, and excited chattiness are happening. Everyone’s families are getting along because they’re so excited for the new bride & groom to be. Your life is revolving around showing off your new sparkle and making sure that your nails always look fab. For us, this stage lasted about 3 months. Note, we had a 6 month engagement so that’s not too bad. During this stage I got my dress, booked the venue, chose my bridal party. All the big, fun stuff!

Stage 2: Chugging Along With the Planning

chugging along plans

Hold on…you mean we can’t quit our jobs and focus on planning the wedding? We have to continue working and going to school while doing this? BUZZKILL. Things are still smooth sailing at this point, though. We’re making decisions about flowers, cake, planning the bridal shower & bachelor/bachelorette parties, favors, etc. The amount of meetings going on during this time period is absurd. Especially if you’re working multiple jobs, but hey it’s gotta get done! So far the vendors are being super helpful and you are your fiancé are making a good team. No one wants to kill each other yet.

Step 3: Here Comes the Crazy

crazy stage

The craziness is setting in. All the little details that you didn’t think about are starting to pop up. “Oh yeah…I guess I need to figure out what I’m doing with my hair. What am I going to wear the wedding night? Who’s picking who up from the airport? I forgot I have to dance with my Dad in front of almost 200 people, can I just stand on his feet?” By this time, your family is wanting to help and get involved. It’s sweet of them, really. But they don’t understand that you have 3,000 people coming at you from every different direction talking about wedding stuff…friends, other family members, co-workers, vendors. You might as well forget about anyone talking to you about anything else. There’s no more, “Hey how are you?” It’s now, “I bet you’re getting nervous/excited for the big day! Is everything done? Are you ready?”  If you’re working 3 jobs like me, this is the stage where you start to breakdown. But it’s okay, I have good support and I’m still pushing through!

Stage 4: 2 Weeks Out, Hold the Guns Tight


“Yes, the wedding rehearsal is necessary if you’re in the wedding. No, I’m not going to uninvite 25 of my guests.” At the 2 week mark is when I lost it. Vendors started pissing me off. I started getting stupid questions from people. I’m wondering why in the world I thought it was a good idea to work right up until the wedding day. I’m scrambling around trying to get everything done. I’m arguing with vendors. Luckily, my fiancé is wonderful and he’s been helping me a lot. My to-do list is down to one side of a piece of paper and I’m just SO ready for the day to be here. As far as I’m concerned, screw the little details. It’ll all come together right?

Stage 5: Why the Hell Didn’t We Elope?

BYE why didnt we elope

I can’t even tell you how many times Adam and I have thought this. But then we remember that we want to share this day with our loved ones. We just keep reminding each other that this is OUR day, that we love each other, and that we are so excited to marry one another.

BOTTOM LINE (aka my advice to new bride to-bes): 

Just remember that things are going to go wrong. People are going to drive you insane. You’re going to want to hop on a plane with your man and just GO somewhere. But this is y’all’s day. You only get one (hopefully) wedding day! Just embrace the crazy and remember the reason why you’re getting married, because of LOVE. I can’t wait to be Adam’s wife!

Oh and 2 other things: 1. Make sure you’re marrying someone who can handle you when you’re crazy, because you will get crazy. 2. Wine. Lots of wine.

xo, Jess

*All of our pictures were taken by Rad Red Creative. They’re also taking our wedding day pictures. OH and they also took my header picture for the Glisten site (: Check them out!

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