Because You Workout WAY Harder When You Love What You’re Wearing…

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Okay I’m a total girl. I am obsessed with cute workout clothes. I believe that when you feel cute and love your workout outfits that you’ll look forward to your workouts even more!

Ummm plus I pretty much live in workout clothes (not kidding) so I feel like they need to be fashionable AND practical! I had a reader request for a post with my favorite workout apparel…why didn’t I think of that?! I love when y’all send me ideas for posts that you want to see on the blog (:

My Favorite Workout Apparel
This pretty much breaks it all down. I buy most of my workout clothes online (let’s be real – I buy mostly everything online…) and these are my go-to places. They are tried and true with my kind of workouts. I look for sports bras that offer enough support without giving me uni-boob, workout pants that are form fitting and don’t show sweat marks (because I sweat like a beast), I look for flowy/fun tops that I can wear while I’m out running errands (I typically only workout in a sports bra since I workout at home), and I look for shoes that have good ankle support and aren’t too heavy.

Side note: My brother got me a pair of Under Armour Speedform shoes and OH MY GOSH I love them. So comfy and they’re awesome for running, weight training, and plyos. Winners all around.

Workout Outfits 2 Workout Outfits 3 Workout Outfits

Top row: All bottoms from Ellie // First sports bra from Glyder Apparel // Second & third bra from Victoria Secret
Middle row: First outfit from Fabletics // Second bottoms from Bum Bum Bacana & second bra from Nike // Third top from Under Armour & third bottoms from Target
Bottom row: First top & bra from Victoria Secret & first bottoms, shoes, and hat from Nike // Second bra from Nike // Third bottoms from Glyder Apparel (these show sweat so I would only suggest them for workouts that don’t cause you to drip in sweat) & third shoes and bra from Nike

I’m always on the hunt for new workout apparel that is fashionable and functional! What are some of your favorite brands?! 

Lately I’ve been posting some of my workout outfits on Insta…I love going through the #fitstyle #fitoutfits and #fitnessfashion hashtags!

xo, Jess

Best Places to Buy Workout Clothes

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  • Gayle says:

    Love love love this! I just got my first outfit from Fabletics and I can’t wait to try it out this afternoon! I’d never heard of Glyder, so thanks for the new place to check out. 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    You always look great! Some of the places you named are to far out of my budget but I like Old Navy for athletic apparel, when it is on sale, and Target. Also, now that I moved to Florida (opposite side from you, Space Coast) I am so happy to be near a Ross again! I’ve been buying my workout clothes from there and have FINALLY found good sports bras. I’m not sure if there is a Ross on the Tampa side but you might like it, they do sell brand name athletic clothing along with random brands at a discount price.

    Have a good day!

    • Glisten Fit says:

      Thanks girl 🙂 Yeah some of them are definitely pricey, but since my workout clothes also double as my workout clothes I see it as a good investment, haha! I keep hearing about going to Old Navy for workout clothes…I really need to check it out! I’ve found some cute stuff in TJ Maxx, too! Hope you’re loving the Space Coast! I spend a few weeks over there every summer!
      xo, Jess

      • Amanda says:

        Oh great! That means my body better look on point this summer just in case I run into you on the beach! 😉 But yes, I am loving it down here, it’s so beautiful and the weather is wonderful. I hope we get to stay a while.

        You can totally get away with buying the pricier items, it makes sense! Plus, you got a lot of it for Christmas. Unfortunately, I can’t be in comfy workout gear all day. Boo!

        Old Navy might have some workout shirts that are your style! But I also seen that you prefer clothes that hide the sweat marks, all the shirts I have the sweat is very obvious so that might be a deal breaker for you.

        Have a good night 🙂

  • Emily says:

    I am obsessed with Athleta! Fairly pricey, but the quality is fantastic. Even after a couple years of heavy wear they look brand new. I just got new running tights for Christmas and I am in love!

    • Glisten Fit says:

      I’ve heard of it, but never really looked into them…guess I need to add it to my list 🙂 I’m okay with purchasing pricey items as long as they last…I figure that since my workout clothes double as my work clothes that it’s worth it! Thanks, girl!
      xo, Jess

  • Lindsay says:

    Girl, so glad you did this post 🙂 I just LOVE your sports bra from Glyder. Love the peekaboo cut outs, it’s tasteful and cute.

    Also, a question out of curiosity: I notice that you don’t have Lululemon listed as one of your fave clothing companies. BUT, I also notice you say you buy most of your things online. Have you ever had any Lululemon gear or have you but just not had good results? I know the gear is pricey but if you take care of it, it does last.

    • Glisten Fit says:

      I’ve read that Lululemon isn’t the best for curvy girls, and I have quite a lot of curves on my lower half so haven’t taken the plunge to buy a pair of Lulu pants! I do have 1 top and 1 sports bra from them though and I do like them 🙂 xo, Jess

  • Being from Vancouver, EVERYONE here wears Lululemon. Although they do have some great products, I don’t love their bras (too uni-boob!). Love that VS bra you have, do you know what bra that is??

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