7 Tips For Beating Belly Fat

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So not too long ago, I did a call for questions on Instagram. I got a lot of great questions but a good chunk of them were related to abs.

“What are quick ways to see abs?”

“What is the best workout for ab fat?”

“How do I get abs?”

I hear these types of questions all. the. time. Seriously. I’ve made it pretty clear that we cannot spot reduce. Which means that we can’t pick and choose where we are going to lose fat. The best way to “see your abs” is to reduce overall body fat and to keep your eating in check. But for those of y’all who still want some tips…this is for you (:

7 Tips for Beating Belly Fat

1. Incorporate HIIT cardio into your workout regime.

I’m a huge fan of HIIT cardio over steady state cardio. HIIT cardio is the ultimate fat burner – I try to do it 1-2 times per week. Oh P.S. I have a few HIIT routines in my upcoming e-book (;

2. Drink more water.

Like you haven’t heard me say this enough. But really…drink more water! Shoot to drink at least 64 ounces a day.

3. Say goodbye to processed foods.

I’m a fan of clean eating. Which just means eating the least amount of processed foods as possible. Try to eat food in its natural state. Think whole foods with less ingredients.

4. Reduce your sodium intake.

Sodium tends to cause bloating. The American Heart Association recommends that we keep our sodium intake to less than 1,500 mg/day. Processed food is loaded with sodium so that’s more of a reason to steer clear from it. Also try not to add unnecessary salt to your food – most people salt their food out of habit when in reality, they don’t need it.

5. Don’t crunch yourself to death.

Doing 100 crunches a day is not going to get you that 6-pack that you’re dreaming of. You’ve got to focus on lowering your overall body fat and strengthening your entire core.

6. Eat more healthy fats.

Like those found in avocado, salmon, and chia seeds.

7. Get enough sleep.

It has been proven that people who get more sleep lose more fat than those who don’t. This is because when you don’t get enough sleep your ghrelin levels rise. Ghrelin is known as the “hunger hormone” and is responsible for promoting the retention of fat. Make sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Don’t stress out about seeing your abs. Just make sure that you’re living a lifestyle that keeps your mind and body healthy and happy (:

xo, Jess

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  • Amy says:

    great article. My stomach area is exactly where I’m having trouble with. Seems like I’m reducing every BUT my stomach. haha

  • Lindsay says:

    Great tips, as always hun. It’s the HIIT where I think I’ve really noticed mine come out. Man, I did a pole dancing class on Saturday for the first time ever and man oh man, every cell in my body aches!! I totally respect any pole dancers, you’ve got to be STRONG to that stuff!!


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