6 Things People Don’t Tell You Before Your Wedding That You Should Know

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Welcome to the first post of WEDDING WEDNESDAY! …which is basically just a reason for me to dump some of my wedding pictures on y’all every week (; Hope you don’t mind!

At least I have some direction…today I’m sharing 6 Things People Don’t Tell You Before Your Wedding That You Should Know. We’ve all heard to wear waterproof mascara and to really take in every moment. But these are some things that you might not have been told yet.


1. Drink champagne from the minute you wake up til the minute you walk down the aisle.


This kept my stomach feeling full because of the carbonation and also kept my nerves under control. Obviously don’t be chugging the stuff (I don’t want you to be blacked out for your big day), but always be slowly sipping on a glass.

2. Choose your bridal party carefully.


Most people choose their bridesmaids right after they get engaged. I say really think about who you want close to you through these next few months. I was lucky enough to have 7 wonderful babes standing with me, and each of them made my day better. They all kept me calm and made me feel so special. I have to say…I got lucky with Adam choosing some amazing groomsmen, too!

3. Lipstain > lipstick



Thankfully, one of my bridesmaids suggested that I wear lipstain rather than lipstick. The night before we ran to CVS and bought the stain and it was one of the best decisions ever. I knew I wanted red lips for my wedding day, but was so weary about Adam having red lipstick smeared all over him throughout the night. The lipstain was my saving grace…and his. No lipstick stains on my teeth, his face, or my champagne glasses. Winning.

4. You are going to be TIRED for the next 3 days after your wedding.


I’m so glad that Adam & I are waiting until this summer to go on our honeymoon. We went to the beach for a long weekend the day after the wedding and we literally ate and slept the entire time. We were so exhausted. Like SO exhausted. And we are not the type of people who sit in a hotel room and relax. I feel like if we would’ve went directly on our honeymoon, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it as much.

Which brings me to the next thing…

5. Stay home the night of your wedding.


I know what you’re thinking…is she crazy? But I’m telling you, Adam & I were SO thankful that we chose to stay in our own home the night of the wedding. We didn’t live together before, so it was still special for us, because it was our first night together in our home. Adam had some of the bridal party set up candles and flower petals all over the place so it was still a romantic getaway. We got to sleep in our own comfy bed, use our own bathrooms, and sleep in and get brunch without having to worry about check out being at 11am. Another one of my bridesmaids suggested that we do this after her and her husband did it in November. Best. Idea. Ever.

6. Put someone in charge of your phone (and social media) the day of the wedding. Oh, and get a hashtag!

phone away

If you’re smart like me, you’ll have a social media guru in your bridal party, right Meg? Meg came up with our wedding hashtag…#classetomassey! We met in French class (or classe in French) so it was the cutest and so fitting. Meg also stole my phone the day of the wedding so that I could relax and not be bombarded with calls & texts. She was posting regular updates to my social media accounts to keep everyone in the loop! She even stole my blog for the day! It was so fun to go back and see what she posted and what our friends posted using the hashtag. Having all of the pictures in 1 place was fabulous.

So bride to be’s…now you know!

xo, Jess

All photos by: Rad Red Creative

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  • Ashley says:

    Wedding wednesday couldn’t have come at a better time for me…I just got engaged! Looking forward to more awesome tips like these, thanks!!!

  • It’s really funny because I did my first “Wedding Wednesday” post this morning also! These pictures are STUNNING! I am a wedding planner, and I can tell just from these images that y’all that the time of your lives. Seriously – your wedding looks awesome. And great advice too! 🙂

  • Meg Scholz says:

    I love this!
    I honestly think this is one of the best “Things People Don’t Tell You” things… but then again I am bias (also the fact we were a weeee bit tispy might have made the lip stain adventure also a little bit more fun)

    Maybe one day (wink wink…) (like when it is my turn… thats what I meant by wink, wink… not that you would have to do it agian)


  • Pamela says:

    We stayed in our home for the first time together on our wedding night too!

  • Whitney says:

    I just had to say your wedding looks fabulous. Love the pictures, love the bridal party outfits – just wonderful! Oh and I am a huge fan of lip stain! I started using it a few years ago for my daughter on dance competition days and it was amazing! Now I borrow hers (and she’s 10)! LOL

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